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areola  tattooing micropigmentation re-pigmentation scar camouflage 3D Areola Scar Resurfacing Scar Relaxation jnkless stretchmark revision breast cancer breast micropigmentation 


Scar Camouflage Tattooing also known as a Para Medical tattoo is the most natural non-invasive solution to conceal skin imperfections and discolored scars.  (also referred to as Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC), Skin Camouflage Tattoo, Medical Scar Camouflage Tattoo, Skin Color Tattooing, Skin Re-Pigmentation Tattoo, Scar Revision Tattoo)

This technique uses custom skin toned ink pigments to cover and conceal the visible scars by tattooing the areas that are missing color to blend in with your natural skin tone.

Our advanced cosmetic tattoo scar treatment can be performed to conceal scars on the face, hands, abdomen or practically anywhere on the body that pigment is missing:


  • Vitiligo (in remission)

  • Stretch Marks

  • Hypopigmentation (white patches)

  • Skin imperfections

  • Surgical Scars (Facelift scars, Tummy tuck surgery scar, liposuction scars, Breast reduction scar, Arm lift Scar, Thigh lift scar, breast augmentation surgery scars , C-section scars, male top surgery scar, etc)

  • Scars: Mastectomy Scars , Areola Scars, Explant Scars, Discolored Scars, Self-Harm Scars, Mohs Surgery Scars, Burn Scars

  • Weight loss surgery



3D Areola Tattoo Restoration and Pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure that creates a hyper-realistic appearance of a natural nipple and areola to improve the aesthetic appearance.


This ParaMedical dermopigmentation procedure is used to correct the size, shape and color of areolas and has been an important restorative cosmetic procedure for many breast cancer patients after a mastectomy and breast reconstruction.


(also known as Areola Scar Camouflage Tattoo,  3D Areola Restorative Tattoo, Areola Re-Pigmentation, Restorative Camouflage  Tattoo,  Areola Tattooing)

This procedure is also a great option for those individuals who may not be fully pleased with the size, shape or color of their areola’s natural appearance after a cosmetic breast surgery.

Conceal Touch, Areola Tattoo, Scar Relaxation, Resurfacing, Repigmentation, Inkless Stretchmark, Scar Camouflage


Inkless Stretchmark Revision is a specialized non-invasive natural treatment that consists of targeting and treating each stretchmark individually without using pigment.


This procedure also known as Inkless Stretchmark Revision, causes a slight controlled inflammation in the epidermis which results in the production of collagen and elastin to be naturally stimulated to regenerate the skin texture and improves the overall appearance of stretchmarks.


This treatment can be done on all stretchmarks

(red, purple and white).

Also known as Inkless Stretchmark Camouflage, Inkless Stretchmark Revision, Stretchmark Camouflage Tattoo, Stretchmark Inkless Tattoo, Dry Tattooing


Scar Resurfacing also known as non-surgical scar revision/Scar relaxation or scar repair is an effective procedure used to flatten raised scars by relaxing the scar tissue.

This technique is also used to repair indented and depressed scars allowing your bodies’ collagen to create a smooth area and improve the overall appearance of the scar. This is usually done prior to scar camouflage to prep the affected area for better pigment retention and a more natural result when the scars have raised texture or indentation.

This treatment repairs the skin naturally.

Conceal Touch, Areola Tattoo, Scar Relaxation, Resurfacing, Repigmentation, Inkless Stretchmark, Scar Camouflage
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